Women's Apparel

Check out our popular line of women's shirts and tanks, only available here at Oil City Customs!

Boots & Footwear

We carry all kinds of boots and footwear to keep your feet safe and stylish while riding!

Men's Apparel

From t-shirts to hoodies, shop shirts, and sleeveless denim, we've got you covered to keep looking good, year round!


One thing we go through a lot of at this shop, is HELMETS! We have all shapes, sizes, and materials in our helmet lines. Including the SMALLEST DOT Approved helmet on the market!


We have the hook up for all the coolest accessories that you need. We carry sunglasses, bandanas, face masks, wallets, hats, gloves, and more!


We have jackets for all season riding! Along with our heavy leather line, we also carry rain gear, cozy cold-weather jackets, and light-weight armored mesh jackets to keep your body protected and comfortable, no matter the weather!